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Update regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus

We understand that many people will be worried whether they have increased risk of contracting or being affected by Covid-19.

This is a fast moving situation-this advice is general and may be superseded by either central Government advice
as this is changing all  the time, or your own doctor - who knows you best.

First of all is you have concerns you should seek your own medical team as they will have all your details and be able to give you specific advice (if needed).
Try not to call 111 as this service should be left solely for those who suspect symptoms.

Everybody is still learning how Covid-19 works and how it affects us all. In that sense, we do not have any specials advice relating to anyone who has a stoma.
We echo the advice that applies to us all always wash your hands and avoid non-essential travel and social contact.

If you have any underlying condition that may make you vulnerable to infection or you are over 70 then please follow the government advice relating to self-isolation,
If you have symptoms ( especially a temperature, dry cough or difficulty breathing ) please seek medical advice and follow the current government guidance at :

For the Public:

For NHS advice:


‘We believe that there is the potential need for support no matter what stoma you have and we are here to support you.
A support group is a place where people can share personal stories and experiences, express their emotions and be heard
in an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding and encouragement.
By helping others, people in a support group also strengthen and empower themselves.’ 

Wessex Stoma Support Group Chairman Ken Edwards.

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