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What is a UROSTOMY
Urostomy/IIeal Conduit- a urinary stoma is brought out on the abdominal wall and an appliance has to be worn over this to collect urine
Continent Urinary Pouch- a storage pouch is created from part of the bowel inside the abdomen, or the natural bladder may be used.

A catheter (fine tube) is passed through a small stoma on the abdominal wall into the pouch or bladder to drain urine. 
Neo-Bladder Reconstruction- a storage pouch is created from part of the bowel inside the abdomen.
Urine is passed through the natural passage.

However, sometimes a catheter may have to be passed through the natural passage to empty the new bladder completely.
Supra-pubic Catheter – a catheter is inserted through the abdominal wall into the bladder to drain urine, this is the simplest
form of urinary diversion 
and does not require surgery

Urostomy/Ileal Conduit urostomy is a creation of a new exit route for the passage of urine through the body.
A small section of bowel usually 12-15cms is used to form the conduit (the portion of the bowel which transports urine to the external stoma)
or even the jejunum has been used.

One end of the conduit is closed, and the open end is brought out onto the abdominal wall to form the stoma.
As there is no control of the stoma, urine drains into a urostomy appliance, which is attached by adhesive over the stoma.

Urostomy Image

A healthy stoma is moist and red, just like the inside of your mouth.
The piece of bowel that has been used in the surgery produces mucus to lubricate the lining, this is visible in the urine as a whitish,
jellylike substance, This is quite normal and will always be present, but the amount may decrease with time.

As the stoma does not have a nerve ending, it has little sensation and is not painful when touched. However, there is a very rich
blood supple close to the surface, which explains why the stoma may sometimes bleed when it is cleaned.
This is no concern, but reminds you to handle your stoma with care, if, however, you think the bleeding is coming from directly from the
inside your stoma and you feel unwell, you must inform your medical advisor urgently.
Further investigation may then be necessary. Sometimes the stoma can be seen to move- this is the normal contractile movements
of the bowel, which now helps to direct the urine outwards into the urostomy pouch.

Medical Advice
For any medical advice also ask your specialist nurse or GP.